The Beauty School Dropouts Podcast


There's something quite magical about people in the hair and makeup business - No matter how introverted our clients are, whether they're regular customers or complete strangers, as soon as they sit down in that chair and we ask how they're doing, they open up completely. By the time their hair and makeup is done we're well on our way to solving all the world's problems, ready to pick it up again at their next appointment! The Beauty School Dropouts squad gets a lot of really lovely feedback from our clients - whether they've come to see us at a car show, popped in for a lesson, or booked us for their wedding - and the one constant is always that people really enjoy talking with us, and listening to our stories, jokes, advice, and general banter. If the last few years have shown us anything, it's the importance of human connection, and we've really missed all our clients while we've been yo-yoing in and out of lockdowns and restrictions, so we've decided to start a podcast. The Beauty School Dropouts Pod is part agony aunt, part salon banter, and all fabulous - because a good hairdresser is cheaper than a therapist!