Socrates Walks Into A Bar


Combining Philosophy, Comedy & Bar room banter  - Socrates Walks Into A Bar is the brand new podcast from Comedians Nick Rado, Tim Batt & Ray O’Leary.

Over the course of 5 episodes, Nick, Tim and Ray dive into timeless philosophical questions of Moral Philosophy, Consciousness, Identity, Altruism and to top it off, Time Travel! 

It's funny, it’s thought provoking, and it might just solve humanity's greatest problems.

Plus there's beer!

Proudly supported by Monteith's, Brewed For Right Now since 1868.

Meet the team

Nick Rado: 
Nick Rado is a multi-award winning writer, MC and clean stand-up comedian. He’s also a  guest comedian, panellist and head writer for ‘7 Days’ and four-time winner of the NZ Comedy Guild Award for 'Best Comedy MC'. 

Tim Batt:
Tim Batt is a seasoned performer both as a comedian and MC. He has performed across NZ, Australia, UK and USA. Twice nominated for the Billy T. Tim is one half of The Worst Idea of All Time - NZ's most internationally successful comedy podcast ever, with over 10 million downloads.

Ray O’Leary: 
Ray O'Leary is an award winning comedian, having performed over 300 stand-up shows. Notable achievements include Billy T Nominations & Best Breakthrough Comedian at the NZ Comedy Guilds.