Billy Joel A to Z


A funny and informative podcast discussing every Billy Joel song from A to Z.

I'm Elon Altman -- and I'm Dave Juskow -- and this is the Billy Joel A to Z Podcast. We're two comedians who love Billy Joel. We enjoy praising his great songs and ripping on, well, you know, "All You Wanna Do is Dance" 😉

We are going to review and talk about every song Billy Joel has ever written. We had the idea to do this podcast because we wanted to talk about "Zanzibar," but, unfortunately we decided to go through Billy Joel's catalog alphabetically, so expect our "Zanzibar" discussion in two years. Every episode we do a deep dive into a particular song. We talk rankings, make fun of Billy's hilarious music videos, tell funny stories, and do trivia and song parodies too.

So join us on this fun journey with new song episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.