She Adventures NZ


Hosted by Senka Radonich, the She Adventures NZ Podcast, is a space to find inspiration from the outdoors and life through candid conversations with women doing rad stuff outdoors across NZ.In each episode we talk with everyday adventurous women all linked together by their love of the outdoors, nature and adventure. We unpack their stories on why they adventure, their triumphs, losses, challenges and discoveries about themselves. Not to mention all the other stuff that comes with the outdoors and life.There's banter, tips & ideas, deep diving and insights as we talk about all sorts of stories of their adventures around New Zealand. I’ve found it impossible to ignore my obsession with inspiring women to get outdoors.It all started in my early 20’s when I discovered my love for mountain biking. A few years later I launched Adventure Girls, which for nearly two decades took 1,000’s of women on kick ass adventures across NZ.Then at 40 I said ‘HELL YES’ to a new adventure and sold 2/3rd of everything I owned. I built out the back of my 4WD ‘Hank The Tank’ and left Auckland to run my business location free and travel New Zealand for 5 months exploring.I met incredible everyday women out adventuring, and heard their stories of why they adventure and how it has positively impacted their lives.And in hearing those honest and candid stories I knew, a new adventure called.Now I live in the South Island of NZ, have added Stan the Van, a Ford Transit Van I’ve semi converted into the mix, and Adventure Girls evolved into the She Adventures NZ Podcast.My hope is, these conversations spark something within you and inspires you to get outdoors, to say hell yes to adventure and to fill your happy tank with the things that matter, because life is better when you do.If you’d like to follow more of my adventures you can connect with me on your fav platform. Insta: @sheadventuresnz, Facebook: @sheadventuresnewzealand and Web: sheadventures.coI’m so stoked you’re here and I can’t wait to have you join in the conversation and to be a part of something incredible for women and the outdoors.