Aotearoa Hip Hop: The Music, The People, The History

This is a deep dive into Aotearoa’s Hip Hop history, from the pioneers importing beats in the early 80’s, to Stevie Wonder partying with one of our unsung heroes, DJ Teepee…we hear first hand about Hollywood A-listers running all ages clubs on Symonds St, the first hip-hop radio shows that inspired Che Fu, we follow OMC’s world domination, Christchurch rappers dealing with white supremacist skinheads, Dawn Raid hustling T-Shirts at the Otara markets, the first Hip Hop Summits, Scribe setting records and more. It’s an epic journey, told by the people who were there.

Phil Bell AKA DJ Sir-Vere dives into his contact book and calls in favours to capture the stories from the people he’s lived his life with - the NZ Hip Hop community.  He’s left no stone unturned to get the most important stories from the people who lived them, flying them in, and travelling to interview them in the very places that history was made.

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