The Canvas


Welcome to ‘THE CANVAS’, a new narrative podcast performed and narrated by John Tui of Hobbs and Shaw and Young Rock fame, that gets you under the guard of a diverse range of Kiwi fighters.

At THE CANVAS, we’re not so interested in records, stats, analysis of a fighter’s technique. There are plenty of shows out there that do that and could no doubt do it better. We want to get inside the heads of fighters – the battle behind the battle - to understand both what sets them apart and what links them to you and I… 

Round ONE released May The 1st

THE CANVAS podcast gloves up for a blow-by-blow account of the early career of DAVID 'THE GREAT WHITE' LIGHT, a cruiserweight who clinched a Commonwealth silver medal, and fought his way into world title contention. Unlike many of his peers, David was the heir to a millionaire’s fortune, a blueblood in a world of streetfighters. So, what drove this young man to exchange a silver spoon for a mouth guard, and get hit in the face for a living?

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